This Page  contains all the links to pages I have created over the years. When a graphic has been borrowed I have given credit to that person I received it from. I started doing web pages in 96 and have mainly taught myself web design and with the help of friends and  other web designers  mainly my good  friend  who I still drive crazy with questions when I am not sure how to do something the way I want it to show Rita( Lady of the Web) I have learned to make my own graphics they are not that great yet but I am getting there. Please enjoy viewing my sites and sign the guest books and let me know what you think. There are several different guest books. Currently with the HTML files for the album type pages I have over 800 files that are active pages.

2011 now divorced and still doing my web sites. As part of the healing process I started writing again and sharing with others This is a link to my current writings

My Writings

The Descendants of John Henry and Ethel Elizabeth (nee Miller) Clark

This is a site dedicated to my Grandparents John and Ethel Clark. It has our family tree which is still a work of love in progress. . Poppop and Mommom lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Manayunk  All my siblings and most of my cousins were born in that area. Now we are spread out all over the country. We are still finding ways to connect. Maybe you are related. If you think so drop me a line.

This is a second Family site for my children  to see their roots on their fathers side

The family of Clifton Jones

The Official Phenomenal Women Of The Web Seal - PhenomenalWomen.comŪ - Established 1997
Phenomenal Women Of The WebŪ

This is a memorial site dedicated to September 11,2001. It does take some time to load, there are several pop ups that are part of the site, also links to other sites that are similar and a guest book for addition to our candle site

 Meet My Family  

this site introduces my family to you

I designed this site for my EX  husband who is or was a trucker, there are several pages. Even though he no longer wanted me in his life. I did design this site and still maintain it.

I do edit it as I can but it is no longer a priority.

This is all about the members of the Chat Room Chat Stop under the lifestyles category of AOL

I do make and sell Arts& Crafts  this site should be complete soon .  I will be selling the stuff I make . Items are listed under categories with pricing.

I have collected Elvis memorabilia since my teens. My collection had gotten too large and I am selling some of the plate sets. Click above to view.

A Good Friend in the Chat Room Parents R Us on AOL under the lifestyles category  has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Come see how we have all joined together and are sending a piece of ourselves.

A Birthday site for everyone to share with each other

Not saying anything about this one let you be surprised

This is various do it yourself projects I have worked on  some with before and after shots

Made the site for a friend

All seasonal pages the links are working email me using the email icon if  there are problems






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